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Dropbox | Cloud Storage


What is Dropbox??  Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service that uses cloud storage to enable you to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet.    Check this video below which will explain what you can do.  It’s pretty amazing.

Now that you have watched and know a little about what Dropbox can do, it’s time to sign up.   Use my referral link, http://db.tt/Cl7Clk4O, and we both will get an extra 250mb of space.  If you are a iPhone or iPad user,  Dropbox Apps is in itune.

Yes, I LOVE using Dropbox.   What do I use it for???

  1. Drop a file from my desktop into my Dropbox folder that I share with my wife.   She, sitting on the couch with her Macbook, opens her Dropbox‘s share folder and grab the file I just put in there.   It’s that easy.
  2. I used a program called, 1Password. Instead of storing the data in my desktop hard drive.  I have it store in my Dropbox account.   This way if my computer crash, my important data is safe.   1Password also have an iphone Apps which is sharing the same data stored in my dropbox.
  3. Store images and video/movies. :)

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